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Paypal gives FBI the list of IP Address of over one thousand Anomymous hackers.

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The current internet climate is all about internet activism more commonly known as hacktivism, with the current antics of groups such as lulzsec and Anomymous in the start of this year we have decided to start covering the events.

Paypal collected 1000 IP addresses of those carrying out AnonymousDDoS attacks against PayPal last December.

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Google+(plus) silently censors the “7 dirty words” from streams.

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A user of the r/YouShouldKnow subreddit of Reddit has brought to my attention of the a new Google plus social networking platform censorship filter.


Posts with any of the “Seven Dirty Words” will not show up on your or your friend’s stream. It’ll be visible on your profile to anyone who browses there, but will be blocked from the “streams” pages. This means that someone has to be browsing your profile directly to see the post. Noone in your shared circles will know it’s there otherwise. As of yet, there’s no preference for choosing to view such censored content.


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Top facebook Hacks using greasemonkey.

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Facebook is a Cyber stalkers Dream Machine, in the last few years next to everyone uses Facebook your mom, her mom, your sisters uncles best friends pet dog has their own Facebook page. It is hard but not impossible to gain access to someone else Facebook account but that is beyond the scope of this article, instead we are going to be using grease monkey a fireworks and chromium extension that allows the extended usability of many websites and applications.

Today we will be using grease monkey to hack our way throw Facebook, extending the usability of Facebook.

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Sony (XSS) cross site scripting.

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Well it is most definitely by now no secret that Sony’s online security is some what lacking,  I’m not sure when Sony will get there act together lets hope soon the only Xbox game I have is The Orange Box.

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​ X Factor & hacked, contestants database leaked.

The X Factor (Australia)

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A new teem of hackers that go by the name LulzSec has hacked the X Factor contestants database, More information to come so subscribe for updates, i’m assuming there were big  holes left open.

Dropbox authentication exploit, dbClone.

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After reading this article on about Dropbox’s insecure design, sablefoxx: a resourceful young coder on the forum created a python application to exploit the insecure design of the most popular file synchronisation tool Dropbox.

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Rick Hayes – Assessing and Pen-Testing IPv6 Networks

Although it is long, it gives some fascinating insistent in to Pen-Testing.

The Comodo Hacker Released Mozilla certificate for “real dumbs”

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The Hacker that fraudulently obtained the SSL certificate published it on paste bin, i have not had time to verify yet, so subscribe for updates. ( Hes English is all most a good as mine)

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Accessing a BackTrack server via mobile phone in a secure way

The Objective:

Set up a Backtrack system that is accessible over the internet from the phone in my pocket. What can I say? I like to practice my metasploit syntax while waiting in the doctor’s office. Oh, and I’d also like to do it as cheaply as possible and in some relatively secure fashion.

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Bash scripts, for making the Wireless Hacking process easier.

I know of two Bash scripts for making the Wireless Hacking process easier. but there are probably allot more, both scripts have their pros and cons.

WiPhire by middlewifi

WiPhire makes cracking wireless networks so easy, even a caveman could do it.


wifite by WakingLife

Designed for Backtrack4 RC1 distribution of Ubuntu. Linux only; no windows or osx support.