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An Anonymous hacker decompiles Stuxnet, posts on Github.

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An Anonymous hacker de-compiles StuxNet, and posts source code on Github.

Stuxnet is a Windows computer worm discovered in July 2010 that targets industrial software and equipment While it is not the first time that hackers have targeted industrial systems, it is the first discovered malware that spies on and subverts industrial systems, and the first to include a programmable logic controller (PLC) rootkit.

How to get root on, a step-by-step of how Anonymous gained root access.

Auth ssh

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This brief text file shows how simple it was for anonymous to get  access  to Greg Hoglands website

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VOIP Hacking / Phreaking program [ VoIP Hopper ]

Nortel IP Video Phone 1535

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oIP Hopper is a GPLv3 licensed security tool, written in C, that rapidly runs a VLAN Hop into the Voice VLAN on specific Ethernet switches. VoIP Hopper does this by mimicking the behavior of an IP Phone, in Cisco, Avaya, and Nortel environments. VoIP Hopper is a VLAN Hop test tool but also a tool to test VoIP infrastructure security.

In Cisco IP Phone networks, it first dissects either IEEE 802.3 or Ethernet II for Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) packets. If CDP is enabled on the switch port and the Voice VLAN feature is enabled, it will determine the Voice VLAN ID (VVID). This will allow the tool to create a new Ethernet interface on the PC that tags the 802.1q VLAN header in the Ethernet packet. After VoIP Hopper has created the new Ethernet device, it will send a DHCP client request. It can also generate CDP messages just as an IP Phone based on CDP would do. It will send two CDP packets, requesting the Voice VLAN ID. After creating the new interface, it will then iterate between sleeping for 60 seconds, and sending a CDP packet.

In Avaya IP Phone environments, it sends an Option 55 parameter request list, requesting Option 176. When the DHCP server sends Option 176, it decodes the L2QVLAN reply field for the Voice VLAN ID. It then creates a new voice interface and sends a DHCP request.

In Nortel IP Phone networks, VoIP Hopper sends an Option 55 parameter request list, requesting Option 191. When the DHCP Server sends Option 191 data, it decodes the VLAN-A: string for the Voice VLAN ID. It then creates a new voice interface and sends a DHCP request.



Researchers steal iPhone passwords in six minutes

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The paper highlights risks that accompany losing a locked iOS device regarding confidentiality of passwords stored in the key chain. It presents results of Handson tests that show the possibility for attackers to reveal some of the key chain entries. For the described approach, the knowledge of the user’s secret pass code is not needed, as the protection provided by the pass code is bypassed.

link to pepper



Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute Secure Information Technology (Fraunhofer SIT) can jailbreak and decrypt passwords from the iPhone‘s for your Mail account, corporate VPN, WiFi, among others.



EasyHook – The reinvention of Windows API Hooking

Project Description
EasyHook starts where Microsoft Detours ends.
This project supports extending (hooking) unmanaged code (APIs) with pure managed ones, from within a fully managed environment like C# using Windows 2000 SP4 and later, including Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64 and Windows Server 2008 x64. Also 32- and 64-bit kernel mode hooking is supported as well as an unmanaged user-mode API which allows you to hook targets without requiring a NET Framework on the customers PC. An experimental stealth injection hides hooking from most of the current AV software.

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Dump utility to dump process/binary SAFESEH handlers

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This utility will dump the SAFESEH exception handlers in a process or binary. It is intended for the vulnerability researcher trying to exploit a vulnerability that requires bypassing SAFESEH.

How hackers hack their way out of a speeding ticket.

How hackers hack there way out of a speeding ticket.

How hackers hack there way out of a speeding ticket.

If you ever wondered how hackers hack their way out of a speeding ticket, well wonder no longer. So next time you need to get out of a speeding ticket….

cuckoobox automated open source malware analysis.


Cuckoo is a very simple automated malware analysis sandbox.

It started as a project developed during Google Summer of Code 2010 within The Honeynet Project organization. During that period, under the guidance of my mentor Felix Leder, the basis were thrown to what Cuckoo has grown to be now.

The ideas behind the development of Cuckoo are:
• provide a completely Open Source product to be released under GPL, both in order to allow everyone to customize it as much as possible, as well as in order to make it grow to what could become a community-effort designed tool.
• provide an instrument able to analyze any kind of malicious file and get the best behavioral analysis out of it.
• provide a sandbox which can be configured to run both on virtual machines as well as on metal.
• make it able to be distributed.

Cuckoo still has a long road ahead before achieving all the goals that were initially set, but it is on the right path ;-).

Current Features
  • Retrieve files from remote URLs and analyze them.
  • Trace relevant API calls for behavioral analysis.
  • Recursively monitor newly spawned processes.
  • Dump generated network traffic.
  • Run concurrent analysis on multiple machines.
  • Support custom analysis package based on AutoIt3 scripting.
  • Intercept downloaded and deleted files.
  • Take screenshots during runtime.

Hotmail exploit that allows changing of a large percentage of peoples passwords.

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It is now fixed, but here is the Hotmail exploit.

The link:

How it worked:

  1. Type in the Hotmail email you want to change the password for.
  2. Fill out the captcha.
  3. View page source on the next page and see what the users secondary email is (if it exists).
  4. Check to see if the email is registered (alot of people don’t even bother registering them). If it is, do the same thing you just did and keep going back until you have control over the first account you can.
  5. Reset passwords to those emails address in a daisy-chain fashion until you have control.

The old email used to be a hidden input element on the password reset form, but they just fixed it.


List of hacker e-books.

A Shebang, also Hashbang or Sharp bang. This i...

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Here is a list of e-books – direct link to IP-subnetting Tutorial…long enough to be a small e-book, rather than a tutorial.
Astalavista – You’ll find links for news, affiliates, a place to submit your programs and/or tutorials. Go way down
to see the tuts. An impressive selection of topics: access control (firewalls, social engineering), miscellaneous, crypto, software
cracking, ICQ, IRC, online security, intrusion detection, chat systems, hacking/security groups, protocols, denial of service, OS‘s, network auditing, securing papers, and the basics. – over 500 e-books, listed by category…programming languages, database, internet, application, OS’s, networks, sci&tech.
Freeskills – features e-books and tutorials, with the intention of teaching people IT skills. It also has job listings and courses. Despite the name, it’s not free. The books links eventually lead you to the order form on, and to take the courses, you must be a member, which is 99$.
Extremetech – multi purpose site with info on audio/video, security, and OS’s. There are also tech articles, news stories, and a BBS.
Code guru – This link takes you to the C++ section of the site. Also links to other departments…like java, and visual basic. Also has a forum. It’s one of those sites that shows you how to do various things…using regular expressions for search/replace, handling
structure storage, and other things like that. – Direct link to an e-book, called Review of Existing Languages.
Programmer’s Heaven – Great site, that offers info on every programming language. Also has a forum and downloads/source codes.
Planet Zikri -Nice collection, but poorly organized…alphebetical, rather than
subject…one interesting find, was a wargame manual. It has lot’s of books that I’ve never seen offered online anywhere else. – This is an archive of interesting texts texts by people that have released the copyright of their books and allowed other to freely redistribute them. – Nice selection of text files, most descriptions in Swedish but subject material can usually be figured out by file name.
Free-edFree online courses for a number of things computer related, or not.
Freebooks – A number of free books, most notably in the areas of programming, internet, and OS’s. The sight is Russian, and some of the books are in Russian, but many are in English, so it’s worth a look . – goes directly to a
page that shows you mirrors for the site and affiliates/member sites. You choose a mirror, hit the button, then it finally lists it’s topics. There are many topics, most of them not computer related, but still quite a bit of what your looking for. A lot of this seems old, though. – Documentation project for FreeBSD….including books, other websites, links, and articles. – A site designed to provide a flexible introduction and reference for users of the UNIX operating system. – Unix System Administration Independent Learning – A list of “open copywritten” books from O’Reilly’s. – Another O’Reilly site, featuring alot of networking books, from wireless networking to TCP/IP for Windows… – This page contains pointers to other web pages dealing with cryptography and security. – The Linux Documentation Project. – Techpubs Library…a small list of links to other info, man pages, and FAQ’s. – The official IBM Redbooks site. – The Tru64 UNIX Publications Web site provides online access to the Tru64 UNIX documentation, reference pages, and documentation for related products. – Programming Pearls, 2nd edition. – A list of tuts for programming in C++, as well as some other links. – A slide show from some class…featuring a little bit of basic info. – A book for C users who want to make the transition to C++. – A small list of Perl info / links, etc. – Perl Manual (Texinfo version) for perl version 4.0 patchlevel 36, Edition 0.6, dated 13 September 1993, printed on 25 March 1994.…ook/index.htmlData Structures and Algorithms in Java. – A list of Computer-Assisted Tutorials and resources for learning ADA. – Handbook af applied Cryptography. and documentation on the X Window system. – GTK+ / Gnome Application Development. – Trolltech Documentation. – A KDE tutorial. – A small list of publications on CCDS. – A journal for Unix System admins. – A list of issues from First Monday. – The IBM archives. – The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing. – “Hardware Book! This is Your free reference guide to electronics.” – Cisco Product Documentation, featuring hubs, adapters, routers, etc. – Novell AppNotes. –, the world’s largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols. – The Research Edition of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. This site features three full editions of the Divine Comedy online: the original Italian text, and English translations by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Rev. H.F. Cary. – The Online Books page…a nice list of books online. – The IPL Books Collection (formerly known as Online Texts) contains over 20,000 titles that can be browsed by author, by title, or by Dewey Decimal Classification. – The Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts is a collection of public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy. – Octavo Digital Rare Books. – Project Gutenberg. – Project Runeberg. – A site featuring info from the Dead Sea Scrolls. – Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards. – A paper on the asteroid/comet impact hazard. – Stephen Hawking’s Universe. – The Constellations.…hp?catid=s_146 – Virtual Free Books. – Blackcode. – NewOrder Box. – CyberArmy. – Infosec Writers. – Audio Gutenberg – Free audio books and poetry – Old time radio – The Mercury Theatre Plays, (‘War of the worlds’)…d=16&Itemid=41 – Jim Kelly’s Free Reads – High quality IT talk – BBC Science show ‘Quirks & Quarks’…&tid=188&tid=4 – Slashdot artical on free audio for commute or learning – Articles on Computer hardware, some reference manuals. Unfortunately not very intuitive for newbs in the hardware arena. This site hosts a HUGE collection of texts related with religion, mysticism, folk lore and so on……ence_bookshelf