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Google+(plus) silently censors the “7 dirty words” from streams.

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A user of the r/YouShouldKnow subreddit of Reddit has brought to my attention of the a new Google plus social networking platform censorship filter.


Posts with any of the “Seven Dirty Words” will not show up on your or your friend’s stream. It’ll be visible on your profile to anyone who browses there, but will be blocked from the “streams” pages. This means that someone has to be browsing your profile directly to see the post. Noone in your shared circles will know it’s there otherwise. As of yet, there’s no preference for choosing to view such censored content.


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​ X Factor & hacked, contestants database leaked.

The X Factor (Australia)

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A new teem of hackers that go by the name LulzSec has hacked the X Factor contestants database, More information to come so subscribe for updates, i’m assuming there were big  holes left open.

4Chan screen Protector V.1.1

While I dissect last week’s JavaScript for all you budding hackers, another question emerged how did I find out that 4chan was behind the attack, well bob like anything odd and daft on the internet the first place I look is 4chan someone will be posting about it, so I put on my 4Chan screen Protector V.1.1 and go and break rules 1 and 2, “4Chan screen Protector V.1.1” what is that I here you shout.  Well it’s this;

4Chan screen Protector V.1.1

4Chan screen Protector V.1.1

I developed this PC extension last year to stay safe will browsing the bowels of the internet <^_^>,To be quite honest I don’t know how any sane person could ever venture in to the /B/ without blindness, and just so you know indecent images on your PC are counted as downloaded even if they are in your browsers cache.