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The Comodo Hacker Released Mozilla certificate for “real dumbs”

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The Hacker that fraudulently obtained the SSL certificate published it on paste bin, i have not had time to verify yet, so subscribe for updates. ( Hes English is all most a good as mine)

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So you have a Virus / Malware / Spybot / RAT


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So you have a Virus / Malware / Spy-bot / RAT

To get rid of all of them download all of these

  1. Install and reboot.
  2. Press f8 and boot in to safe mode.
  3. Run them all.
  4. Turn off the router for about 10 minutes ( do this wile in safe mode).
  5. Update Windows.
  6. Create a new non-privileged user from the control panel in windows, you will use this for day to day use.
  7. Change all your passwords make a strong password by using this.

Steps to build a strong password

The strongest passwords look like a random string of characters to attackers. But random strings of characters are hard to remember.

Make a random string of characters based on a sentence that is memorable to you but is difficult for others to guess.

  • Think of a sentence that you will remember
    Example: “My son Aiden is three years old.”
  • Turn your sentence into a password
    Use the first letter of each word of your memorable sentence to create a string, in this case: “msaityo”.
  • Add complexity to your password or pass phrase,Mix uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. Introduce intentional misspellings.
    For example, in the sentence above, you might substitute the number 3 for the word “three”, so a password might be “MsAi3yo”.
  • Substitute some special characters
    Use symbols that look like letters, combine words, or replace letters with numbers to make the password complex.
    Using these strategies, you might end up with the password “M$8ni3y0.”
  • Test your new password with Password Checker
    Password Checker evaluates your password’s strength as you type.
  • Keep your password a secret
    Treat your passwords with as much care as the information that they protect.

This is a made simple post for the non IT people I know it’s just a reference so I can tell them what to do. It’s not for all you pro hackers out there.

Also I don’t know where I found the pass word tips if the original writer could contact me I will give you credit.