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4Chan screen Protector V.1.1

While I dissect last week’s JavaScript for all you budding hackers, another question emerged how did I find out that 4chan was behind the attack, well bob like anything odd and daft on the internet the first place I look is 4chan someone will be posting about it, so I put on my 4Chan screen Protector V.1.1 and go and break rules 1 and 2, “4Chan screen Protector V.1.1” what is that I here you shout.  Well it’s this;

4Chan screen Protector V.1.1

4Chan screen Protector V.1.1

I developed this PC extension last year to stay safe will browsing the bowels of the internet <^_^>,To be quite honest I don’t know how any sane person could ever venture in to the /B/ without blindness, and just so you know indecent images on your PC are counted as downloaded even if they are in your browsers cache.


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