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How to make an installation file using Windows Only

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I am in no way responsible for the way you use this tutorial. Nor am I responsible if it causes yours or any other persons computer harm.

Ever wanted to make something into an installation file so that users can install whatever you specify on there computer – this may be the case more so if you are a programmer and want to distribute your .exe‘s around.

If you are one of those people then I will now teach you something hidden within Windows that let’s you do just that. Please bear in mind that this looks like a long and complicated tutorial but it’s really not – most of it is optional but I put it in for clarity!


– Go to START > RUN and type ‘iexpress’ (minus the quotes) and hit enter.

– Now you should be faced with a small application. Choose ‘Create a new Self Extraction Directive file’ and hit next.

– Now here you can choose how the program is installed, whether the program will automatically open after installation or whether the user has to open it manually – take your pick and click next

– Specify a package title, this will be the name of the package so the user knows what they are installing.

– You then have the option to specify a prompt to the user when they attempt to install your file, put what you want or leave it out if you desire and click next.

– If your program/files are protected by copywrite laws and such, you may at this point want to include a copy of the licence. Otherwise click next.

– This part requires you to add each of the files you want to add to the install. So preferably a .exe or .bat or whatever. Make sure you add them all here and click next.

– If you chose to have your program launch as soon as installation is complete then this screen requires you to select the two dropdown boxes to represent the name of the file you want to autorun. Otherwise ignore this bit.

– This next section asks how you want the installation to be displayed, whether it be hidden, minimized, maximised or normal.

– If you would like to display a message to the user after installation then add it to this bit and click next.

– Now choose a location to save your installation file and click next.

– Its up to you if you save the SED file for future reference but if not then click next, then next again to create your file.


– Then look where you told it to save your installation file and it should be there. So go send it to people!


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