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Testing a spam filter with GTUBE

We all hate it but you know what they say “spam happens”. so here is the scenario you have got a spam filter, it’s all set up and you think you have done a good job, but wait how do you test it, sign up to some shady site? No that’s a bad idea you don’t know what could happen.

So here is how you do it. GTUBE no it’s not a porn site 😦 but is a spam testing method 🙂

Step one:
Log in to your email (it’s best to use another email)
Step two:
Paste this in to the body of the email


Then email it to your self

Your spam filter should pick it up as spam and block it / send it to a spam folder.

Here is how it works spam filters give an email a anti-spam score, the higher the spam score the more likely its spam, this code has an anti-spam score of 1000, which would be sufficient to trigger a warning.


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